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About X

We are an Edgy AI driven JobRole Succession & Talent Career Planning Company from Boston, Massachusetts. We’ve a strong community support of upwords of 40k data science professionals across the world and impeccable patent pending Artificial Intelligence solutions to help identify unicorns and purple squirrel in/out of enterprises.

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High Quality Data Driven software developers and business professionals works with X to get top jobs, stay at the best of curve and enjoy our lifetime career service support. Win-win-win for everyone.

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Top data, analytics and software developer seeker works with team @ X to find top talent and enjoy our succession support to find candidates in 1/3 of time and get succession score for possible candidates for faster success.

  • It takes a village to create a success. Tao helps talent find their success village. TAO automagically predicts suitable successions, identify right candidates internal or external.


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Join the ranks of Fortune 100 companies, Unicorns and Trendy startups that has used our services to find their top talent. With TAO's power, X could provide a succession capability to use AI to predict best candidate for the vacant job to cut-down 1/3 of time in candidate search. Looking for top talent and better guards for the future of business? Let's work!

Map Candidates to Jobs

TAO connects internal/external talent pool to open jobs

Outgoing Talent Mapping

TAO connects outgoing talent pool with ideal jobs/hiring managers

Provides Succession Network

TAO builds succession network for effective / optimal placement

Automate Talent Screening

TAO screens available applicants to quickly identify top contenders

HR Data to Insights

TAO works with existing HR data and start delivering actionable insights


Join X-Pool For TAO’s top talent

TAO.ai is designed to leap enterprises into 4th industrial age when it comes to find ideal talent for any role. TAO's ability to find ideal career progression makes it possible for candidate to gauge market and start early. TAO decode a complicated job role and connect it to available talent pool and identify (internally and externally) ideal successions to fill the role.

Once employed via X, member will get lifetime access to X services to stay at the top of your talent.

Find Best Jobs

TAO rates jobs/candidates and identify the best fits

Stay Equipped with X

X Members get life-time career support to empower growth

Data to Insights

TAO works you to provide actionable insights to help you grow

Identify Career Progression

TAO internal suite helps talent understand career progressions for connection

Jobs of the Future

TAO helps candidate network with future suiting jobs to help future hires


Get TAO.ai to HR

Use TAO.ai and our AI lead Succession Planning / Career Progression Led Talent Lab to find / identify much sought talent that helps shape future of work. TAO.ai is equipped with our top professional services team to quickly engage to get our top talent working on your top jobs. We're excited to work with your organization and deliver the success that we have given to our 280 Fortune 500, Unicorn Startups and leading businesses.

Let X / TAO.ai Helps Find Unicorns