As workplace requirements are getting complicated and personal touch plays a vital role in best hirings, face-time hiring is at all time high. Old systems and processes are not equipped to handle low footprint yet high impact recruiting drives. #FirstFridayFair is created to solve that problem. As World’s Largest Virtual Data Analytics And Software Development Fair, #FirstFridayFair is conducted across 273 cities, 120 countries, 170k community and 278+ Global Businesses. To keep the adoption simple and quick, debut participants could signup with #FirstFridayFair in under 5min and that too with nominal fee. #FirstFridayFair is conducted via which is an artificial intelligence led career agent designed through extensive research, and design chops of World’s leading data science professionals. AI helps keep getting smarter on recruiting making candidate hunting optimal.

#FirstFridayFair Recruiter Signup Form

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ps: We are looking for volunteers to help us extend the benefits of to broader masses, we are seeking modelers, coders and recruiters. If you know someone, please pass-on the word. Reach out to us on

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As search for talent is going global and lots of niche are created, virtual recruiting drive gives job seekers and talent seekers instant, logistics free access to top network. Staying in front of their laptop at their convenient locations and speaking with pre-filtered list of targeted candidates. This makes virtual fair an extremely lucrative opportunity for job seekers and talent seekers.
Once recruiter sign-up with the fair, they will be sent signup confirmation within 24hours. Virtual fair process is divided into 3 parts: Setup, Execution & Feedback

Setup (starts between last Friday to first Friday)
Via 2-3 Emails, Respond to’s configuration emails to fine-tune and ensure your expectations for #FirstFridayFair.

Execution (During allocated FirstFridayFair Hours)
Pick the candidate list that you wish to connect, pre-setup a time to chat over skype, conduct a session during mutually agreed slots.

Feedback (24hours after the session or later)
Respond to sent survey to help us improve our process. Use your own discretion and arrange for followup conversations with appropriate candidates.

Virtual conference is relatively new concept and is one of the available platform that successfully implements a virtual fair. To tune our Artificial Intelligence platform to smartly screen your hiring strategy & provide targeted leads, we are giving first 90 days free #FirstFridayFair access for Full-Time Roles. After 90 days companies could pay a nominal monthly fee to stay in our network and also source other roles such as Part-Time, Intern, Co-op, Freelance & Volunteer(besides Full-Time)
Our list of roles interviewed includes Full-time, part-time, internship and volunteer roles.
Our allocated budget on the program does not allow us to pre-screen / pre-filter candidate. However, we have retainer services and agency models in-place to support custom search needs.
A research project turned into a product, is a well researched solution to help provide candidate with coach like capabilities to help TAO members stay at the top of their professional stature and ensures / improves employability of its members.
No Booth, No Need To Travel, No Logistics Nightmare, No barrage of random talent hitting you during career fair, No need to leave your office, Pre-filter candidate for optimal engagement, better digital experience to cut-down analog time-consuming tasks are few reason why we are as excited about the virtual fair as our clients and job seekers.
Recruiters looking for analytics, data scientists, software developer, data engineers, analytics professionals, web-developers, business analyst are some of the roles with experience ranging from 2 years to 10 years.
#FirstFridayFair is practically given free with the purchase of 10job post package on, so no need to worry about making your money’s worth. Job posts would prove the value way beyond what career fair could prove. We would also get back to you 1 month before the deadline to seek if you want to extend your #FirstFridayFair membership.
It depends on suggested skills by a recruiter in a particular geo-location. Our fair has seen from 120 members / recruiter to no available candidate / member based on the search and availability criteria.
Due to allocated hours, job-seekers are advised to stay near broadband access during their allocated hours. However recruiters could setup alternate slot beyond allocated hours to extend their out-reach. Due to system’s restriction, currently we are not able to accommodate candidates beyond allotted time-slots.
Our system captures recruiters, their skills and cities and if we see low/no turnout, our future marketing ensures improved participation. We are expected to deliver 20+ candidates within 4 month of signup for every category.
We are planning to curate some great conversations and create a transcript and publish all key conversation in a book expected to launch on Jan 2018.
If you want to discuss anything? We could book a slot to chat/discuss using: Let’s Talk
If you want to signup: Signup Here

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